If you aren’t convinced yet of John Noble’s awesomeness with regards to acting - more specifically, with regards to his portrayal of Walter Bishop, take a look at this video.

And since we know you are going to be instantly convinced that he MUST win an Emmy, you can swing by here and sign The Fringe Report’s “An Emmy Nomination for John Noble” petition. While the deadline has passed and the nominations are in, we are hoping that when (not if!) John Noble gets nominated, we can continue using these signatures to sway the final vote.

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Fringe Rewatch Parties – Polling the masses

Dearly beloved suffering Fringies;

We are all in the midst of an agonizing Fringe withdrawal that has left most of us with massive Cortexi Headaches and Papaya Nausea.


But fear not! The Fringe Report, ever concerned with the well-being of its beloved community, is doing everything it can think of to help alleviate some of the pain and anguish related to Fringe withdrawal. And so it has decided to host a series of Fringe Rewatch Parties every other Wednesday throughout the summer. While this will not take care of all of the withdrawal symptoms per say (only the premiere to Season 3 can do that!), it will help abate the worse of its symptoms and help us survive relatively unscathed until September (pre-existing mental illnesses notwithstanding).

In short, it’ll be the methadone to our heroin addiction.

We started off nearly two weeks ago with an epic revisit of Fringe’s Pilot, a.k.a. when it all began. While we already know with which episodes we are going to end with (i.e. Season 2’s epic two-part finale), there is the small question of all the Wednesdays in between.

The Fringe Report’s community members have already suggested the following episodes: Ability, No Brainer, Bad Dreams, The Road Not Taken, Momentum Deferred, Jacksonville, August, Grey Matters, Peter and The Man from the Other Side. I personally like the idea of watching August, Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver and Grey Matters. My reasoning is that, now that we know how the season ends, and that many of our questions have to do with the Observers, Sam Weiss and Walter’s brain surgery, it only makes sense to choose episodes that heavily feature there three aspects of the show.

What do you think? Either sound off below or tweet your requests to myself or Lola, and stay tuned for this Wednesday’s Fringe Rewatch Party Episode of the week!

The Worcester/Wooster Connection


The Fringe universe is tied together by a series of odd coincidences. Of course there’s the pattern of unnatural events that began when Walter traversed universes in 1985. There’s also a pattern of colors — green, green, green, red, blue, yellow, anyone?

Recent TFR Rewatch Chat Parties solidified a theory that Sahar had simmering on the back burner. “Wooster” — no matter how you spell it — appears to be significant in Fringe mythology. Check out these pieces of an intriguing puzzle:

1.Episode 1.05 “Power Hungry” begins in Worcester, MA.
2.Olivia learns about Cortexiphan in episode 1.14 “Ability.” According to Fringepedia, two clinical trials testing the effects of Cortexiphan on humans occurred in mid-1980’s, after earlier testing on animals. The larger trial was performed on the Wooster Campus of Ohio State University. The smaller trial was held at a Olivia’s daycare facility in Jacksonville, Florida.
3.In episode 2.08 “August,” we learn that Christine Hollis was raised by her aunt, a veterinarian, in Worcester, MA.
4.At the end of “Olivia. In the Lab. With the Revolver.” episode 2.17, Broyles tells Nina that there is still another set of Cortexi Kids from Wooster, OH.
5.Shape shifter embryos arrive in Worcester, MA, at the beginning of episode 2.19 “The Man from the Other Side.” Even more mindbending — Peter says he promised to take Walter to the Star Trek convention that weekend at the Worcester Center! (Emmanuel Grayson, a.k.a. Son of Sarek, was sure to be there.)

The focus on Worcester, MA, is not surprising, given that it is the home of Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Founded in 1865, it is one of the nation’s first technological universities. One of its more distinguished alums was Robert Goddard, famous for his work on rockets, missiles and spaceflight.

Then, there’s Wooster, OH, home of The College of Wooster and the aforementioned Ohio State campus. This city launched the careers of the Compton brothers, one of whom won the Nobel Prize in physics and directed a little operation that became The Manhattan Project. The other Compton brother was an innovator in electron theory who also worked on the atomic bomb and went on to preside over MIT for more than a decade. Another Wooster native, James V. Neel, is known as the father of human genetics.

Are you seeing the pattern, yet?

— Sahar & Lola, with help from Fringepedia.com and Google. Photo courtesy of Fox & FringeFiles.com.